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Unleash Your Artistic Brilliance into NFTs, Web3, and Beyond!

Unleash Your Artistic Brilliance on the Global Stage: Join the Kyoto Foundation’s Journey into NFTs, Blockchain, and Beyond! Searching for 3 brilliant Ugandan artists who want embrace new opportunities in the digital realm 

The Kyoto Foundation extends an invitation to find the most talented and passionate artists in Uganda. As an organisation dedicated to fostering creativity and promoting sustainability, we are seeking three outstanding artists to embark on a journey with us, delving into the world of NFTs, Blockchains, Web3, and beyond. This is a exciting opportunity for you to showcase your artistic talents on a global stage, while championing the cause of sustainability and supporting younger emerging artists too. 


“Cultivate Creativity and Sustainability Awareness by Engaging, Empowering & Championing the Next Generation of Artists, Scientists and Environmental Stewards in Uganda”

Our objective is to bridge the gap between art, science, and the environment, and to provide you, the talented Ugandan artists, with a platform to exhibit your work to the world. Together, we will explore the intersection of tradition and innovation, where the rich artistic heritage of Uganda merges with cutting-edge digital technology.

We offer our resources and expertise to transform your existing works or assist in creating new, digitized pieces that are NFT and digital artworld friendly. But our support does not end there. We will curate these works within our virtual reality art galleries and connect you with global audiences and potential buyers.

The Kyoto Foundation retains a 30% commission, which will be used to further our mission of nurturing future sustainability champions and supporting emerging artists and young talents in Uganda. As artists, you will receive 70% from primary sales, and you will also receive a 10% share from any future sales of your NFT artwork. These terms are enshrined in the smart contract on the Blockchain, ensuring transparency and fairness.

As a U.K.-based organisation, we are well positioned to connect Ugandan talent with the centuries-old, multibillion-dollar art markets in London and the U.K., as well as open doors to global opportunities. Our aim is to cast an illuminating spotlight on the artists of Uganda.

Our team comprises experts in NFT’s, VR and Web3, who will guide you every step of the way, maximising the potential of these emerging avenues. We are committed to keeping you ahead of the curve, as we collectively explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

If you are excited by opportunity? Please send your portfolio and covering letter to marcus@kyotofoundation.com

Join us today in our mission and prepare for a thrilling adventure in the digital artworld. Together, let us cultivate a world where creativity, sustainability, and progress intertwine harmoniously.

Marcus Warry

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