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Embracing Equality: Kyoto Foundation’s Commitment to Forward-Thinking HR Polices

Hello, amazing Kyoto Foundation supporters and fellow advocates for equality in Uganda! I’m Cynthia Kakunze, the newest addition to the Kyoto team, I’ve joined as the Events Manager, however I also have a Masters in Business Administration, majoring in Human Resource Management. I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you how we are fighting for gender equality in our organisation, right from the start!

Stepping into Kyoto, I immediately felt the buzz of excitement and purpose that permeates this place. Not only do we value creativity and sustainability, but we are also deeply committed to ensuring that both women and men, boys and girls, have equal opportunities within our organisation. As the Events Manager, I am honoured to be part of a team that is dedicated to empowering and inspiring young minds in Uganda.

At Kyoto, we’re not just talking about gender equality – we are actively living it. Here are five initiatives that set Kyoto apart in our pursuit of HR policies that promote gender equality and empower every member of our team:

Balanced Recruitment Goals: Kyoto is committed to maintaining a gender-balanced workforce. We are actively working towards achieving a 50:50 ratio of women and men within our organisation. This ensures that both genders have equal representation, fostering an inclusive work environment and providing inspiring role models for young girls & boys.

Flexible Work Arrangements: We understand that achieving a work-life balance is vital for everyone. Kyoto offers flexible work options to accommodate the diverse needs of our team members, allowing both men and women to effectively balance their professional and personal lives.

Leadership Empowerment: Kyoto invests in leadership development programs to nurture talent from within the organisation. We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for both men and women to grow and advance in their careers. Our goal is to cultivate the next generation of leaders, irrespective of gender.

Gender Equality Workshops: Regularly, we host workshops and training sessions aimed at raising awareness about gender equality among our team members and the local community. These sessions serve as platforms for open discussions, enabling us to learn from one another and actively work towards eliminating biases.

Equal pay: At Kyoto, we believe in transparency when it comes to compensation. Our compensation structure ensures equal pay for equal work. We are committed to ensuring that each team member, regardless of gender, is fairly compensated.

In closing, as we champion the fusion of art, science, and sustainability, we recognize the profound influence of art in activism and its capacity to bring about change in the world. Every organisation, including Kyoto Foundation, plays an indispensable role in creating the changes we aspire to see. Our dedication to gender equality in our HR policies is just one stride towards forging a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Art possesses the remarkable power to inspire, provoke thought, and drive action. Through our work at Kyoto, we aim to harness this power not only to create exquisite art but also to advocate for a more equitable and sustainable world. Together, we can make a difference, one step, one policy, and one brushstroke at a time.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey towards a brighter, more equitable future!

All the best,

Cynthia Kakunze

Events Manager, Kyoto Foundation


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