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FIGHTING FOR TOMORROW: Where Boxing, Art, and Sustainability Collide

I’m putting everything on the line, stepping into the boxing ring in Tanzania on July 29th. I’ve shed 17kg to get to 86kg (heavyweight to cruiserweight) – all to fight another British boxing promoter in this Bongo Fighting Championship epic event.

So if you think that’s a good thing to do, if not a little nuts, then please support me, by sponsoring my little art foundation please! Every little donation helps, and it will make me feel like being punched in the face repeatedly could also contribute something positive to the world too!!


For the past two months, we’ve been running a little art school in Naguru, putting smiles on the faces of over 50 kids, with one art class a week – but we’d love to do more! Whilst they dive into art, they also learn about conservation, and recycling too. But here’s the thing – we need your help to keep these classes going and make an even bigger impact! 

A small donation from you can make a massive difference.  A large stack of paper for £2, a set of crayons for £3, or a large pot of paint for £5 can spark creativity, £10 for a box of mart materials, and £25 to sponsor a whole two hour class tat teaches 20 kids!

97% of your donation goes directly to the cause, only the Gofundme fee comes off.

So, let’s combine the power of “FIGHTING FOR TOMORROW!” Help us reach our goal of running two art classes every Sunday afternoon, doubling the smiles and creative expressions we ignite in these amazing kids. They don’t study art at school, but together, we can inspire a generation of sustainability champions! 

Here’s the link to our GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/inspiring-tomorrows-sustainability-champions

Please share this post far and wide! Your support and generosity will shape a better tomorrow, where art, science, and boxing unite to create a sustainable world. Let’s spread the word and make a lasting impact together! 🤝❤️

Marcus and the Kyoto Foundation Team


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