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Job Brief: Art Assistant needed – Unleash Your Creativity and Inspire Young Artists!

Job Brief: Art Assistant – Unleash Your Creativity and Inspire Young Artists in Naguru
Location: Naguru, Kampala (Uganda)
Schedule: Half a day per week (Sundays)
Salary: 50,000 to 100,000 UGX (depending on experience)
Potential: Other opportunities to expand the role
(photo, film, social media content etc.)
Are you a talented artist / teacher with a passion for making a difference? The Kyoto Foundation is seeking a young and enthusiastic Art Assistant to join our team in Naguru.
At the Kyoto Foundation, our mission is to provide fun and educational activities for children across art, music, dance, and film. We are dedicated to nurturing young talent, promoting sustainability, and looking after the environment (more here: www.kyotofoundation.org). Rather uniquely (we think?!) the standout artworks created by the kids will be transformed into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), showcased in virtual reality (VR) art galleries, and sold worldwide – this will be used to support the kids and the community, and to grow our organisation on the ground.
Project Overview:
Every Sunday we want to start holding free art classes in our little art studio on Nyonyintono Rd, Naguru. Our classes are not only for fun but also an opportunity to discover  talent and teach kids about the environment and sustainability. We will begin by exploring the conversation of Uganda’s great wildlife, integrating education and artistic expression. Expects lots of paintings of Lions, Giraffe and Elephant!
Role and Responsibilities:
As our Art Assistant, you will play a crucial role in supporting the lead art instructor and inspiring young artists. Your responsibilities will include:
– Assisting during Sunday art classes, providing guidance and support to the children.
– Creating a positive and nurturing environment that encourages creativity and artistic growth.
– Identifying and nurturing talent among the children, offering guidance on various artistic techniques and styles.
– Collaborating with the team to select the best artworks for transformation into NFTs and organizing virtual exhibitions.
– Serving as a role model, especially for young girls in the community, inspiring and empowering them through art.
– Contributing to the growth and success of the organization by actively participating in team meetings and sharing innovative ideas.
Qualifications and Skills:
– A genuine passion for art and a solid background in various artistic techniques and styles.
– Experience working with children and the ability to engage and inspire them.
– Familiarity with NFTs and virtual art exhibitions would be a plus, but not essential.
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to connect with children, parents, and the local community.
– Ideally, we are seeking a female candidate who is known and respected within the Naguru community, providing an inspiring role model for young girls.
– Self-motivated, collaborative, and eager to contribute to a dynamic team.
– Keen interest in technology, environmental sustainability, and addressing climate change.
Application Process:
To apply for this exciting opportunity, please send your CV (ideally) or a creative and fun covering letter to Marcus Warry at marcus@kyotofoundation.com. In case internet access is unavailable, you can call Marcus at +256 762 889 742. 
Additional Opportunities:
Apprentice: Photo, film, content creators & social media experts
We are also seeking aspiring young photo and film content creators, as well as social media enthusiasts, to join our team. There is potential for the Art Assistant to take on this role too, possibly working two days a week. This opportunity offers the chance to learn from our team of film, marketing, and social media experts based in the UK.
Board Members in Naguru Community:
While Marcus Warry is currently the sole representative of the Kyoto Foundation in Uganda, we are actively seeking experienced talent in the art, education, and commercial world in Uganda to join our board. Whilst the seeds are planted from the U.K. we want this to be Ugandan build and run as we progress.

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