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Kyoto’s First Art Class in Naguru, Kampala

Kyoto Foundation, an organisation passionate about teaching sustainability, recycling, and environmental awareness, successfully organised its first art class on a bright Sunday afternoon in our cozy little studio located in Naguru. With the aim of bringing creativity, joy, and learning to the kids of the neighbouring ghetto community, our mission is to one day help some of these talented little artists go to school and pursue creative professions.
With 40 amazing kids in attendance, our first art class was a delightful, organised chaos. We welcomed every child with open arms and got them involved in various creative activities like drawing, colouring, face painting, screen printing, and even dancing! Centered around the theme of African wildlife, our young artists learned about the threats faced by elephants and lions and designed fascinating artworks, exhibiting their unique talents.
As we grow, Kyoto Foundation plans to focus our future art classes on themes like transforming rubbish into art and cleaning up the community. Our expansion, however, depends on the support of volunteers, especially those with teaching experience or individuals who can join our board and offer valuable advice. Marcus Warry one fo the founders said “we want build a team, especially from the local community who are able to grow into management positions in due course, so the project can increasingly run itself – so it’s run by the community, for the community”
Our studio, situated next to the underprivileged community of Naguru, works to introduce creativity and hope into the lives of these children, many of whom may not attend school regularly. With our big dreams, we passionately continue our pursuit of building a school one day and providing education and career opportunities for the talented kids from this community. We invite big dreamers to join us on this incredible journey and help make a difference.
As of now, we depend on donations and support from kind-hearted individuals to keep our studio stocked with necessary art supplies. We are in the process of launching an online shop where people around the world can contribute by buying coloured pencils, paper stacks, paints, and more at minimal prices.
Moreover, we plan to turn some of the kids’ artworks into NFTs and represent other brilliant Ugandan artists, selling their NFTs globally and using the generated funds to expand our operation. But, right now, we need your help in running our classes, as we don’t have a regular funding source yet.
So, join us in our mission as we keep the ball rolling and work tirelessly towards giving young artists a bright and sustainable future! Marcus Warry, is passionate about sustainability and technology, he said “Kyoto will launch a “Science & Art Fair” this year, and we will offer prizes for the best ideas that create innovative solutions to the worlds pressing environmental challenges”. There is no shortness of ambition in this fledgling enterprise, and excited by the success of our first art class, we think the sky is the limit!
If you are interested in volunteering or supporting Kyoto Foundation in any way, please get in touch with us or more information: marcus@kyotofoundation.com . Let’s transform the world together, one colour and one smile at a time!

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