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Turning Waste into Art: How Kyoto Foundation’s Creative Cleanup Can Inspire Festivals Everywhere?

Kyoto Foundation recently had the honour of being a part of Picnic Sunday Fest in Kampala, Uganda. As advocates of embracing art and science for a sustainable future, we were determined to make a significant impact at this vibrant festival. With talented Ugandan artist Hillary Ahabwokuba, known for his remarkable art created from waste plastic during his recent Makere Art degree, and Marcus Warry, the co-founder of Kyoto, we set out to transform the festival site into a living masterpiece – whilst cleaning it up at the same time!

The Kyoto team, led by the passionate Michelle Odongo, picked up discarded rubbish around the festival site and then worked their magic, turning the waste into stunning artworks with a conservation theme. Marcus crafted a majestic lion, while Hillary brought to life a beautiful fish, both aiming to highlight environmental issues on land and sea.

Hillary making a fish out of discarded bottles!

Imagine the transformative power of expanding this idea to other festivals and events across Uganda and beyond. Festivals would not only be an arena for music, art, and culture but also an opportunity to celebrate environmental consciousness and creative expression. By partnering with the Kyoto Foundation, these events can actively engage their attendees in an interactive and educational experience, fostering a culture of sustainability among the youth. 

Hosting the Kyoto Foundation’s creative cleanup initiative not only ensures a cleaner festival site but also presents a platform for talented artists like Hillary to showcase their work. Additionally, the captivating artworks created during the festivals may be made available for sale, creating an opportunity for festival-goers to support local talent while contributing to a greener future.

The response we received at Picnic Sunday Fest was overwhelming. Festival-goers were captivated by the live process of turning waste into art, igniting a sense of appreciation for recycling and environmental stewardship. Witnessing the birth of beautiful sculptures from discarded objects left a lasting impression on the audience, inspiring meaningful conversations about our responsibility to protect the planet.

As the festival concluded, we left behind breathtaking art installations and a newfound sense of purpose. This success has fueled our determination to bring this transformative experience to other events, creating a ripple effect of positive change in festival culture.

So, if you are an event organiser or know of any festivals interested in embracing this innovative approach, please reach out to us at marcus@kyotofoundation.com. Let’s collaborate to turn waste into art, raise environmental awareness, and showcase the creativity and innovation of Uganda to a global audience.

Together, we can inspire creativity, promote sustainability, and become tomorrow’s champions for a greener world. Kyoto Foundation is committed to making a difference, one festival at a time. Join us in this journey to create a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come. See you at the next event!

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